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Chua ChinLeng

Chua ChinLeng

Singapore, Singapore


I am a Singaporean and I specialise in a new style of photopaintings called The Art of RAR, which means Reflection And Refraction. In this art my main objects are koi fish and water. I transformed them into abstract art forms which are like paintings. In a way my RAR art images are created by the hands of Nature as it plays a major part in providing the initial images. I only help to make them into more humanly or artistic forms.

My RAR art images do not involve photoshop. Just playing with the colour, contrast and brightness that are normally permissible in photography dark room or light room techniques. The integrity of the photo image is intact, with minor touch up and removal of blemishes and spots. My work can be viewed at

In fineartamerica I will focus initially with photos of koi, arowana and orchids. I will add on other objects of interest later on.


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